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Tourist Guide licensed for VICENZA, VERONA, PADOVA and Palladian Villas
Vicenza is a beautiful city,
known all over the world for the buildings and villas designed by Andrea Palladio.
As every Italian town,Vicenza has a great deal to offer but its unique character owes a lot to Palladio's work,which has been very influential to Ialian and foreign architecture throughout the centuries. 
An early example of Palladian architecture is Inigo Jones's projects for the city center of London.
We can also mention the buildings designed by Thomas Jefferson,such as his impressive residence at Monticello.
You can easily reach Vicenza by train and have a walking half-day tour, which includes:
the Olympic Theatre, Palazzo Chiericati, the Basilica and the Loggia del Capitaniato.
Just to give you a few ideas:

Villa Rotonda Villa Pisani Villa Saraceno
Many Palladian villas are located in the countryside around Vicenza:
villa Almerico Capra, called "the Rotonda", villa Pojana, villa Pisani, villa Saraceno, villa Godi, and villa Caldogno are normally included in my itineraries, but if you are interested in Palladio's other magnificent but less-known villas, I can arrange customized tours for you to visit them. I can also escort you to other important Palladian villas, such as:
villa Barbaro and villa Emo, near Treviso villa Foscari, called "the Malcontenta", near Venice
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