The villas designed by Palladio in the countryside of the Veneto are unique representations of art, history and lifestyle, so well designed and built to have been used as architectural models in the United Kingdom, in America and in many other countries.

Their purpose marked a big difference from the villas constructed in other eras and regions, all over Italy and Europe. These exquisite buildings were surprisingly efficient farmhouses, usually with a main block where the owner stayed and two elegant side barns.

Thanks to their proportions, the Palladian villas look magnificent, even though on a very domestic scale and therefore they are able to inspire anyone interested in interior design.

Palladio developed his distinctive Palladian style, based on symmetry and classical design together with great creativity and fantasy and therefore every villa is quite different.

A full-day tour gives the possibility to visit three or four villas.
The most popular itinerary includes three spectacular buildings: Villa Rotonda, Villa Barbaro and Villa Emo.
Several different guided tours of Palladian villas can also be planned, including some of Palladio’s lesser known villas, which are as magnificent as the most popular ones. Being less crowded, often the visitors can find themselves alone, face to face with Palladio’s creation.

Many Palladian villas are located in the countryside around Vicenza:
Villa Rotonda, Villa Saraceno, Villa Pojana, Villa Pisani at Lonigo, Villa Godi, Villa Caldogno, Villa Valmarana Bressan at Vigardolo, Villa Trissino at Meledo di Sarego, Villa Gazzotti at Bertesina.

Other villas are further:
Villa Barbaro, Villa Emo, Villa Foscari, called “the Malcontenta”, Villa Cornaro at Piombino Dese, Villa Pisani at Montagnana, Villa Badoer at Fratta Polesine.

Every itinerary includes a break in a picturesque village at lunch time: Marostica, Bassano, Asolo and Montagnana are charming and relaxing places, each with a distinctive character.


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