• I organize and lead private tours for individuals and groups, I do not create open groups that clients can join because the tours are mostly tailor-made
  • My fees start from 120 euros for a half-day walking tour in town – Vicenza/Verona/Padova -and from 250 euros for a full-day tour of villas
  • Half-day tours of villas can be organized on request
  • Entrance fees, transportation, meals and travel insurance are not included
  • I assist clients with transportation
  • Tours of villas usually begin and end in Vicenza, however different meeting places can be agreed on request
  • I check the availability of the villas and I take care of booking, if required
  • Some villas are closed in winter, but I arrange some interesting tours of villas all year long
  • Some of them have very limited opening hours, but I can often arrange some private visits, even for very small groups. The cost of a private opening varies and sometimes is quite affordable.