Villa Barbaro

Villa Barbaro was designed by Palladio in the first half of the 1550s for two brothers, Daniele and Marcantonio Barbaro, cultivated members of the Venetian upper class. Thanks to their artistic and architectural culture, the brothers had their own well-defined tastes and this may explain the differences between these and other villas designed by Palladio. Nevertheless, the proportions of the rooms are just perfect and the frescoes by Paolo Veronese beautifully compliment them.
A guided tour of Villa Barbaro could also include a short walk to the Tempietto Barbaro, designed by Palladio as a family chapel. Its interior is never open, but its exterior is definitively worth attention.
After the visit to the villa, it is possible to taste the home-made Prosecco or visit a winery in the area.


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