Like every Italian town, Vicenza has a great deal to offer: picturesque views of historic squares and streets, tasty local food, interesting museums and a distinguishing lifestyle.

Therefore, my walking tours of Vicenza are quite entertaining, including the highlights of the town, from its most significant monuments – Teatro Olimpico, corso Palladio, the Basilica – to the popular deli shops, where I like to explain about local products and recipes. I always tailor my tours to my clients’ needs and I enjoy touring with families students and children too.

My tours are privately planned and completely customized, for individual visitors or groups. As a qualified guide, I can introduce visitors to any of Vicenza’s wonderful sites.

Visitors who like modern architecture too, will be delighted at Casa Gallo, whose interior was designed by Carlo Scarpa, a well regarded Venetian architect who lived and worked during the 20th century (1906-1978). The combination of contemporary design and his deep love for the Venetian craftsmanship is charming and gives to the apartment its distinct character. Carlo Scarpa is almost unknown to the general public, but his work is becoming more and more popular among those people who are interested in modern design.

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