Because my tours:

  • give you a deeper understanding of Vicenza and the Palladian villas by combining an academic perspective with my informal and friendly approach
  • During these tours we will examine these questions:
    • What did Palladio do that was so important and influential for future architects?
    • What are the main things to see on the outside and inside the buildings we visit?
    • What architectural elements of buildings and design features are specific to this period and to Palladio and his contemporaries?
  • Are personalised to each individual and tour, tailoring the route and stops to any specific interests.
  • Are all created by me, an Italian Art Historian and qualified tour guide, who has specialised in buildings from the Palladian era and this region of Italy since 2003.
    Here are some reviews: Trip Advisor links
  • Allow you to make the most of the time you have available to spend in the place you’re visiting. I will pre-book all the locations, if necessary, and manage the logistics of the tour.

If you would rather do a tour of Verona and/or Padova, (or add this to another tour)     :

– These tours are focused on the characteristics that make these cities unique and allow you to expand your knowledge of the Veneto region.

Additional information:

  • My fees start from €130 for a two and a half hour walking tour of Vicenza
  • €150 for a three hour walking tour of Verona or Padova
  • €180 euros for a three and a half hour tour of the Palladian Villas.
  • Prices are per tour, not per person.  
  • Verona, Vicenza and Padova tours are on foot.
  • Tours of Palladian villas by car can be organised.
  • Entrance fees, cost of transportation, meals and travel insurance are not included.
  • Tours of the villas usually begin and end in Vicenza, however different meeting places can be arranged on request.
  • If you have a particular itinerary or specific villa you would like to include or leave out of a tour, this can be organised beforehand.
  • Some villas are closed in winter, but some interesting tours can be arranged year round
  • Private tours of certain Palladian villas can be arranged. The cost of a private tour varies but is usually quite affordable

Please, get in touch for more information