For visitors who are specifically interested in architecture, I am more than happy to focus on the buildings designed by Andrea Palladio in Vicenza.

Even if Palladio is best known for his beautiful villas in the countryside, his palazzi and public buildings in town are equally representative, giving everyone the opportunity to understand the Palladian style, which has been so influential to British and American architecture.

Thanks to my background, my architectural guided tours of Vicenza are both very educational and enjoyable.

I can design and plan a custom made tour of Vicenza which could include any, or all of the following sites, according to your interests and the duration of the tour.

Teatro Olimpico, Palladio’s last work and the oldest surviving theatre of the Italian Renaissance, with the original scenery made for the first performance; it is a very convenient place to understand the cultural and social environment in which Palladio worked.
Palazzo Chiericati, an amazing town house which marked a turning point in the development of Palladio’s style, especially regarding its architectural proportions
Palazzo Thiene, where a young Palladio started from a draft by another architect; this town house offers the pleasure to enjoy its sophisticated decoration of the interior and the structure of its dome, visible under the roof.
Palazzo Barbaran Da Porto, whose atrium and courtyard are regarded as some of Palladio’s best achievements; it is now the site of the Palladio Museum, where some drawings and several models of Palladio’s palazzi and villas are displayed
The striking exterior of the Basilica, Palladio’s masterpiece for its remarkable formal and structural quality.
Loggia del Capitaniato, a very good demonstration of Palladio’s interest for colors; it gives also a good opportunity to talk about the construction techniques applied by Palladio
Valmarana chapel at Santa Corona church, small, simple and extremely elegant

The most famous of the Palladian villas is villa Almerico Capra, called the Rotonda, which can easily be included in a tour of Vicenza, being not far from the historic center. Its interior is not open every day and therefore some people think that it is not worth a visit, but I have found my clients love it: the architectural value of its exterior alone is amazing and well worth the visit!


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