Villa Saraceno at Finale di Agugliaro was designed by Palladio for a family of Vicenza in the first stage of his career as an architect of villas, therefore, as in his other early plans, the central residential section is characterized by an impressive simplicity. The lack of columns is balanced by other classical elements, such as the triangular pediment derived from the ancient Roman temple.
Thanks to the Landmark Trust, the villa is now perfectly preserved and it gives the unique opportunity to book accommodations at a villa designed by Palladio.

Years ago, villa Saraceno was the beginning of my passion for the Palladian villas, when it became the topic of my final dissertation before getting my degree in Venetian Art with professor Stefania Mason, at the University of Udine.
Thanks to many visits and a long time working on the old records related to the villa, I became familiar with the building, the surrounding countryside and the social and economic environment in which Palladio worked.

For visitors who are so lucky to stay at villa Saraceno, I can organize private tours to the Palladian villas of the area, most especially those which are not regularly open to the public.
These tours conveniently start from villa Saraceno and they are completely customized.

Guests who prefer exploring the villas on their own, may be interested in arranging a private lecture on Palladian architecture at villa Saraceno.
Thanks to my specific background, many clients have found it a useful preparation for their independent visits, getting my researched information which is not easy to find in standard books, such as architectural principles, proportions, construction techniques.
It would be also a great honor to talk about villa Saraceno and my interpretation of its frescoes.
This explanation has been recognized by the Accademia Olimpica of Vicenza and therefore I am more than happy to discuss and share it with my clients